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didn’t know how Jeff would respond. Within hours after the stimulator was turned on, we observed the ceaseless movements become completely relaxed and he was able to walk normally. We were awestruck." Physicians at University Hospitals of Cleveland have submitted a report of this case for consideration for publication in a peer reviewed journal. They hope to further explore the application of DBS to other patients with Tourette syndrome. University Hospitals Health System (UHHS) is the region’s premier healthcare delivery system, serving patients at more than 150 locations throughout northern Ohio. The System’s 947 bed, tertiary medical center, University Hospitals of Cleveland (UHC), is the primary affiliate of Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). Together, they form the largest center for biomedical research in the State of Ohio. The System provides the major clinical base for translational researchers at the Case
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for civic and political engagement, economic growth, educational opportunity, entertainment and much more. It has made the United States the epicenter of innovation. It is why Internet entrepreneur Mark Cuban has observed, "There is no better platform in the world to start a new business than the Internet in the United States." And here’s another irony: Federal law already protects competition and consumers online and the president’s plan would strip away those protections. But regulating broadband service like a public utility denies the FTC these powers and denies consumers the protections that come with them. That’s because the law makes clear that the FTC doesn’t have jurisdiction over "common carriers," which is what broadband providers would become under the president’s plan. Why would we want to neuter the FTC when the Internet has flourished under the current regulatory model? If all of this comes as a surprise, you’re not alone. The plan has not been made public. And the FCC has
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