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Colorado cracks down on unpaid E The letters notify them that they are blocked from renewing their annual vehicle registrations that expire in October until they’ve paid off their tolls, fees and civil penalties. "We are only targeting the most flagrant toll offenders, those who drive the road many times with no intention of ever paying. It’s theft of service and it is not fair to the thousands of toll road customers who pay their tolls," said E 470 Executive Director John McCuskey. "Placing a vehicle registration hold is the last resort. Before it gets to that stage, we hope customers who have not done so before will contact us, settle their outstanding accounts and be able to renew their vehicle registrations," said Dave Kristick, E 470′s deputy executive director and its director of operations. The two entities are willing to enter into payment plans if necessary, they said. To check on the status tolls or pay them, drivers can call the
Cheap jerseys from China ExpressToll Customer Service Center at (303) 537 3470, option 4, then option 5. The toll free number is 888 946 3470.

. By excluding these intangible assets, financially oriented measurement can encourage managers to make poor, even harmful, decisions. Third, non financial measures can be better indicators of future financial performance. Even when the ultimate goal is maximizing financial performance, current financial measures may not capture long term benefits from decisions made now. Consider, for example, investments in research and development or customer satisfaction programs. accounting rules, research and development expenditures and marketing costs must be charged
Wholesale NFL jerseys for in the period they are incurred, so reducing profits. But successful research improves future profits if it can be brought to market. Similarly, investments in customer satisfaction can improve subsequent economic performance by increasing revenues and loyalty of existing customers, attracting new customers and reducing transaction costs. Non financial data can provide the missing link between these beneficial activities and financial

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