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and, after the interview aired, tweeted: "Not only was I able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children, I am now able to call him my hero." Jenner told Sawyer that Kris was having a difficult time with it, and that if she better understood it, the couple would probably still be together. Jenner’s 89 year old mother also was interviewed, saying she was more proud of Bruce than when he stood as an Olympic champion in Montreal. The E! Entertainment network announced that Jenner would be part of a documentary series about the transition that would begin airing on July 26. Hollywood offered support. "Tonight" host Jimmy Fallon, echoing Neil Armstrong when the astronaut took his first steps on the moon, tweeted: "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." "Today, millions of people learned that someone they know is transgender," said GLAAD President CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. "By sharing this story, Bruce Jenner has shined

Joanne McPhee, a season ticket holder for two decades,
Wholesale jerseys from China is used to hot conditions she lives in Morgan Hill. But she said "the sun was unbearable" on Sunday. Fire Department and team officials said the heat accounted for most of the 60 emergency calls at the stadium, an unusually high number for a 49ers game, and two people were taken to the emergency room. "Many people just needed to get out of the sun," said fire Chief Bill Kelly. "For many of them, there was a general feeling of weakness, and (they) just needed to rest and get some water." The most serious call came in the third quarter, when an older man in section 221 collapsed and suffered a cardiac emergency, which is usually caused
Cheap jerseys by a heart attack. Santa Clara firefighters performed CPR for at least 10 minutes and took him out on a stretcher, but he was pronounced dead at a San Jose hospital. Dr. Cesar Molina, a cardiologist at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View and a former board member for the local

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