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How to Mount a Football Jersey 9 Steps Consider the style in which you would like to present your jersey. Do you want the sleeves to be showing? Or do you just want to highlight the front or back of the jersey? If you want to display the jersey in its entirety, do nothing to it. If you want to pin back the arms,
Cheap NFL jerseys fold them behind the face of the jersey. Use measuring tape to get the dimensions of your jersey. Measure it from the top of the jersey to the bottom and from one side to the other. Write down the dimensions. This will help you determine the size of frame you will be looking for. Go to a store that sells frames. Wal Mart and Target both offer inexpensive frames in a variety of sizes. Framing shops sell higher quality frames that can be customized to your needs. Keep the dimensions of your jersey with you and use them to select an appropriately sized frame. Buy mat board to use in the
Wholesale jerseys from China frame. Mat board is a type of heavy duty paper much like cardboard that comes in many colors and can be purchased at national chain stores such as Dick Blick Art Materials or Utrecht Art or at local art stores. Many stores will cut the mat board to a certain size for you, so remember the dimensions of your jersey and frame. It is easiest to work on the floor or on a large desk. Remove the plastic from the front of the frame if possible. If the frame has a glass front, remove the back of the frame. With the mat board in front of you, fit the mat board into the frame. This is to ensure that the mat board is appropriately sized. If it does not fit, trim it to size using scissors. Remove the mat board from the frame once you are certain that it fits perfectly. Attach your jersey to the mat board. You can do this with small pins or by sewing it onto the mat board. Place the mat board and attached jersey into the frame. Replace the plastic front of the frame, or place the back into place again if you have a glass frame front.

and the community through KickStarter, with distribution responsibility falling on Bandai Namco’s laps. This allows the die hard racing community to not only provide input on content, but also provide feedback on QA and marketing. With vested interests, both financially and critically, this game truly feels like a die hard racing fans’ game. For casual racing fans, however, Project Cars may come across as very daunting, as the need to understand and manage vehicle tuning, passing strategies, tire wear and tear, and fuel management means a "pedal to the metal" driving style may not yield any success. From the get go, the game is opened up to you a wide selection of vehicles, tracks and modes are possible, without the need to unlock vehicles or tracks by completing races. This is a good thing, as it shows off the full magnitude of what Project Cars is capable of: tracks built to the exact specifications of their real life counterparts, 1:1 accuracy of vehicles, and a plethora of

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