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of the size and kind of business organization, it is important to have great online presence. You cannot expect your customers to know of your existence without promotional activities. Local SEO service has gained more popularity with mobile internet connectivity. Now people use their smart phones, tablets and more to look for products, services and information online. Consider an example of a person who is looking for a restaurant and performs search on his mobile. The search results will show restaurants in nearby area on top. Neglecting area based Search Engine Optimization will lead to heaps of trouble as your website will not have good visibility. You will end up losing customers to other competitors in your vicinity. It is essential to make use of keywords which are completely derived from the name of area, city or town. Google search
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tree, the Tree of Life from which mankind is forbidden to partake after they sinned, and the Bible ends with the Tree of Life offered freely to the redeemed to partake of its fruits. It also begins with man and God walking together in fellowship in the beginning, and once again, after God working to redeem man, in the end, forever. The Main Difference Between The Two All of the differences can be summed up by saying that the Old Testament begins the teaching, or revelation, while the New Testament finishes (or completes) that same revelation. In other words, the story is incomplete without the New Testament. The completion that is accomplished here is not just referring to a completed Book, but something more. The complete revelation of God to man, and of God finished work of man redemption, is completed in Christ Who is God in the flesh. The New Testament is God infallible record of what Christ has done and will yet do. Other Differences Between the Two 1. The Old Testament deals largely

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