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public as well as unfinished to other RV manufacturers such as Avion and Coachman, who then provided their own interiors before reselling
NFL jerseys to consumers. 30 different floor plans were available, and models were priced from $35,000 to $40,000. The GMC vehicle changed slightly over time, the most notable alteration coming in 1977 when the 455 cubic inch engine was replaced by a 403 cubic inch model in response to the energy crisis. This decade caused hardship for all RV manufacturers as the increased price of fuel pushed large gas guzzling vehicles out of the market. The GMC motor home had never sold at high volumes, and the company decided that the RV production facilities could be more profitably used to make light trucks. After the manufacture of 12,921 vehicles, production of motor homes was discontinued after the 1978 model year. Almost immediately after production ceased, GMC motor homes became collectors’ items, with owners’ associations being established to provide parts and service for these vehicles. Small

Conscious Writing You see words all around you. You don just notice the delivery van as you driving to the bank. You actually take the time to look at the tag line and analyze it. Here what that might look like. You writing a short story, and you decide you don want to have the typical, Pollyanna happy ending. So you look through a Stephen King book of short stories and review the endings. Your self help book falls down a bit in the middle. You feel confident about the first third and the ending, but you not sure what you need in the middle. You take a look at other self help books and examine the structure. You need a catchy title for your E zine article. You start paying attention to the dozens of E zines you get and notice which ones you open, solely because of the title. Here how you actually write consciously. This may look like reading, although you don want to simply read. However, it really hard to analyze without reading, so
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