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is still the same. [laughs] Kimberly: Sure. I think it does. And in fact, one of the interesting things is the way in which companies deal with the fact that, in any company, almost by definition, there are multiple identities at work. There are identities at the sub unit level, at the divisional level there can be at the parent level as well. And it a real challenge, I think, for companies to manage the intersection between what I call, for the purposes of argument here, identities that is, identities of the organizational sub unit in
NHL jerseys which you spend most of your time and the identity of the mother ship, as it were. Let me give an example that, to me, illustrates very effective management of these multiple intersecting identities: Johnson Johnson. J as you know, is a company that historically grown through acquisition, and it has a reputation for being a company that is highly decentralized. But it also a company that has managed this issue of the identity of the mother ship, of the company as a whole, and the

Steelers fans join Ravens and other NFL fans in NFL protest on March 12th, a group was created focused on Steelers and other NFL fans openly protesting the National Football League. The group, "Protest the NFL" was soon joined by "Lockout the NFL". The movement focuses on spreading the message of a total boycott on all NFL merchandise and sponsored products until the NFL ‘lockout’ ends. They’ve gone so far as to say they will boycott the first NFL game following the lockout’s end if necessary. What is interesting isn’t that fans are involved; it’s that fans from often rival teams are putting aside the ‘rah rah’ and ‘my team is better’ talk in order to send a clear message to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and team owners that they aren’t going to accept the actions of the league. The union isn’t safe from these protests either. Fans are fed up with everyone involved. A ‘National Day
Cheap wholesale jerseys of Protest’ is scheduled for March 27, 2011, and another for May 1, 2011. Those involved with the protests make

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