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in Poland, where Nazi Germany systematically killed more than 1.1 million people. "For a time, we thought that the hatred of Jews had finally been eradicated. But slowly the demonization of Jews started to come back," Lauder said. "Once again, young Jewish boys are afraid to wear yarmulkes on the streets of Paris and Budapest and London. Once again, Jewish businesses are targeted. And once again, Jewish families are fleeing Europe." The recent attack in Paris, in which four Jews were killed in a kosher supermarket, is not the first deadly attack on Jews in recent years. Last May a shooting killed four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels and in 2012 a rabbi and three children were murdered in the French city of Toulouse. Europe also saw a spasm of anti Semitism last summer during the war in Gaza, with protests in Paris turning violent and other hostility across the continent. HomeHBO Will Fall chronicles making of WWII Holocaust filmSee all related8 "This vilification of Israel, the

(designed by Carey Wong), with the high ceilings of an
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MLB jerseys and it’s run by an aikido devotee who makes the tyrannical boss in "The Devil Wears Prada" look like a marshmallow.Bette (played by Linda Gehringer with uncustomary shrillness) is a middle aged, brass knuckles feminist mogul known for hiring and encouraging female employees. Judging by how she terrorizes her trusted associate Monica (Cheyenne Casebier), Bette subscribes to the Cruella de Vil school of mentorship.Glossily coifed and prime timed to host a new reality show (a woman centric version of "The Apprentice"), shrewish Bette barks and belittles, peppering baffling mini lectures on women in the workplace with aikido metaphors. She boasts of "eating" self sabotaging women "for lunch," yet spouts such Zen wisdom as "Live and let lapdance!"Monica is stereotype No. 2: the mousy good soldier who has doggedly earned her turn at the top as she confides into the narrative device of a recorded

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