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D 5th Edition is streamlined but not strangled For the utterly uninitiated, Dungeons and Dragons (D is a role playing game (RPG) where you use imagination, dice and rules to create a fantasy tale of heroism, villainy and emotion. For those coming back after a long break, the D fifth edition is a return to the free flowing pen and paper adventures of the good old days but with the much appreciated balance players have started demanding. The list is pretty short: abbreviated rulebook; combined adventure setting and Dungeon Master guide; polyhedral dice (all hail the d20); and character sheets for five players. That it. Most of the box is taken up by a cardboard divider. And yet you can take up to five years playing it. Kieran Salsone This is a good thing. The set is designed for newcomers and it would have been disastrous to swarm them with the usual mountains of papers and source books that accumulate around a veteran playing table. It simple, direct fare, with a tired stereotype or two

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