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concussion, her budding athletic career dashed. should I do if something like that happens to me? the Valmontes younger brother, David, then an eighth grader, asked his mother. are kids supposed to do if they attacked? Valmonte did not know how to answer. She brought her son question to
Cheap NFL jerseys the Kent School Board. They couldn answer, either. That realization was among the factors behind Kent School District difficult journey to confront discipline not only how to handle students trying to protect themselves, but everyday issues: students who talk back to teachers, defy the rules, fight, disrupt class. The Valmontes were hardly the only family to complain Kent schools had been the subject of an NAACP lawsuit for handcuffing and pepper spraying students not long before but their case was the final straw. And while Kent discipline policies are still a work in progress, in the three years since Valmonte spoke before the School Board the district has managed to cut suspensions by more than 30 percent. Instead of the old,

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