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Keeping it Healthy While Shopping

Over the next four weeks, we are challenging parents as part of our Fit Kids February coverage to make simple and healthy changes to their children diets and lifestyles. This week, we’re focusing on shopping leaving the junk food on grocery store shelves, choosing more healthy options instead. Our health reporter Erin Billups filed this report.

Three year old Shane Francis often goes food shopping with his dad John, and he is already a pro.

Dietitian and nutritionist Gina Keatley suggests making the shopping
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"If you get them to like it when they’re young, they’ll be used to it and they’ll be more comfortable trying different things," she says.

One key to keeping it healthy while shopping is buying groceries
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of them are
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The American Heart Association recommends four to five servings of fruits
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"We tend to think fruits, fruits, fruits for children, but
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Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season, bright in color and rich in nutrients.

Another idea: Healthy foods those are easy
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"You can cut up the cheddar, put little pretzels in them, make them like lollipops, something they can touch and hold," says Keatley.

Kids do tend to gravitate toward less healthy snacks, especially with advertising geared
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"Some foods aren’t all bad and there is still room for things that are considered not
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o informing our viewers of the sometimes alarming trends facing our kids’ health as well as provide helpful tips for busy parents. Get more information on Fit Kids February, including the Fit Kids Challenge, healthy shopping suggestions and ways you can get involved to help make you and your children healthier!Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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