Even better, the Pro Mini includes a pro grade, spring action breakaway steel rim On a promotional tour to pitch a vodka brand, Rodman, 52,louboutin cheap shoes men, held court downtown amid camera flashes After I listened to her explain African American economic achievements for several minutes, a glance at the clock let me know it was 1:30pm, which meant it was time to goA full vote by NBA owners is expected the week of May 13Don’t be afraid to go against the grain when you see a big move in the total from one game to the next”) But, with second year centre Jonas Valanciunas leading the way, Toronto shot an impressive 16 for 23, or 69Noah scored 19 points as part of his first triple double of the season in the Bulls’ 100 85 win over the Hawks on Tuesday night
But Sorisi said the charge is an air ball In case you were wondering, that is 13 combined championships, 13 combined MVPs, and six combined Finals MVPs” I am excited and eagerly looking forward to the next few monthsNBA Brilliant James red hot as Heat tie series in BostonJun 08, 2012 at 13:16 Source: ReutersNBA PLAYOFFS MIAMI HEAT BOSTON CELTICS:NBA Brilliant James red hot as Heat tie series in BostonNew Liverpool owners in town for debut derbyOct 18,christian louboutin cheap discount shoes, 2010 at 08:21 Source: ReutersLiverpool’s new owners John W Henry and Tom Werner changed their minds and decided to attend Sunday’s local derby away to Everton after originally saying they would wait for a home match And if you can appreciate that NBA ball is the best basketball played in the world, then I question whether you actually like the sport at all Having lived in Calcutta in the early 1980s, I saw this kind of passion when say East Bengal played Mohun Bagan in the local Derby The curtains were drawn to prevent us from looking outside as we drove through the countryside, and through the cracks we could see soldiers stationed along the road with red flags Secure by using a look for coils cover as metal detecting to stop destruction plus prolong its make use of
The shoes were taken without Baylor’s knowledge, bronzed, and presented to him at a talk show appearance This is bad news not just for the dedicated Thunder fans, but also for fantasy basketball owners hoping for consistency from that rosterRogers announced Thursday it acquired the curling series from Insight Sports Ltd They shared a prolonged embrace Holmes himself ditched the WBC title in 1983 when they refused to sanction his defence against Marvis Frazier a far cry from the internal problems that felled the Bruce Weber regime as issues arose with Jamar Smith, Shaun Pruitt and Jereme Richmond, not to mention the shaky relationship between the coach and star guard Demetri McCamey He also served as a coach with the Miami Tropics louboutin outlet of the USBL and San Antonio, Philadelphia and Cleveland of the NBA “And yet we still have so much farther to go
An investment in a foreign soccer team, if your broker supports international trading, may even represent the better trade Your mind will have a goal and timetable to work upon NBA Jam NBA Jam is a basketball arcade game created by Midway in 1993 His best moments typically involve dodging a gauntlet of opponents, slamming into one of them, and then contorting, spinning,louboutin cheap shoes, and collapsing to the floor just as his tossed up shot tumbles through the hoop It’s understandable that some people are disappointed that I left He wrote me a letter once : , X20 Universal Adult Life Jacket Vest Blue Black33 Fakhi is the first Arab American to win the crown in the 59 year history of the pageant
25″St”Now a sports talk personality, John turned vegetarian before going vegan Trading two of their top three scorers from a season ago Andrea Bargnani and Rudy Gay hasn’t christian louboutin replica done anything but made them better I could read, but I’d never read aloud because I stuttered The executives spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the talks and league rules about discussing other teams’ players They’ve also done the same for sexually abused men, women and children Amplify is intended to help broadcasters augment their television programming on Twitter with embedded streaming video clips, Promoted Tweets and other content relevant delivered to a viewer computer or mobile device
to be timely replica red bottoms shoes than good, joked Battier, just 1 for 9 from beyond the arc to start the series The life of David Beckham has been nothing if not varied and, having retired last year from his main career as a player, the new focus for his professional life was finally confirmed yesterday”Sometimes, especially lately, I sit back and think about the whole thing and how much time I’ve spent here and how I’ve changed,” Williams saidThe 44 year old first interview with American television aired last night on Minutes, and though he was not able to discuss any specific plans for improving the team, he did not hesitate to embrace the challenge of turning around a team that might tie the 1972 73 Philadelphia 76ers for the worst record in NBA history When he was healthy, Ming was just as good as advertisedCHICAGO Taj Gibson scored 16 points and Carlos Boozer returned from an injury to add 15 in the Chicago Bulls 92 76 victory over the Brooklyn Nets The difference: Players use wooden or plastic sticks about the size of a banana to push around a metal puck around the floor of a pool Practising free throws under the watchful replica louboutin outlet eye of an assistant coach, Bennett looked like any other NBA rookie
Oscar Robertson is the all time leader in triple doubles with 181″We’re looking for guys who understand the game, not necessarily guys who come in and try to score the ball at every opportunity, but guys who are communicating with their teammates good guys,” Lauten saidAsked about the deal that calls for players to receive no christian louboutin shoes more than 50 percent of basketball related income after they were guaranteed 57 percent in the old collective bargaining agreement, he said, “It’s better than the two previous ones the players rejected I was able to get some treatment last night”Jeff Fisher louboutin sale chooses the StTeams go out of their way to deal with this christian louboutin replica stuff internally, even when it gets out of hand The most exciting dunk in my opinion is one performed directly in the face of a defender attempting to block it So it can go either way, it’s a double edged sword
godine, 2007 Luol Deng also scored 13 and Tristan Thompson had 12 points and 10 rebounds for the Cavaliers (21 33), on their longest winning streak since an eight game run in March 2010″Our guys have a sense of when not to take it over the line but there’s not a handbook on this But sports teams often have a massive global fan base He is also in very UNselfish’”Stone intends to do just that, and to stick around That’s their calling card and their marketing toolParalympics won’t get involved in ‘global politics’SOCHI The International Paralympic Committee says it won’t get involved in “global politics,” and is hoping for a peaceful outcome to the buildup of Russian troops in the Crimea region of the Ukraine
Chartier was charged with possession and transmission of child pornography, extortion and uttering threats, Karpish said Well, and Liberia and MyanmarWade was part of a meeting about labour issues at the 2010 all star weekend in Dallas, when players were briefed about owners’ plans for dramatic changes to the league’s salary structure Instead, he agreed to pay a amount for the mutual agreement both he and girl would destroy the photos In 1996, he was conferred with a position among the top 10 coaches in league history4 seconds cheap christian louboutin shoes He can do everything they said he couldn do 30
Because he’s signed with an agent, Williams has some cash to flash already, and he’s making red bottom shoes use of it´╗┐Hays Daily NewsHays Daily News, The (Newspaper) May 18, 1999, Hays, Kansas TUESDAY MAY THE HAYS DAILY NEWS Soorts Scoreboard Local Calendar Week of May 1724 the 17th Hays High Soccer V at Class 51A Wichita at HHS 4 Softball V at Class 5A Regional Great at Tiger 5 Softball V at Class 3A Regional Championships at if title the 20th Hays High Baseball V at Class 5A Regional Salina at Larks if 7 title Baseball V at Class 3A Regional Championships at GypsumSoutheast of if 7 title the 14th Hays High Track and field V at Class 5A Regional Championships at Salina 4 field running event Track and field V at Class 3A Regional Championships at 3 field 6 running event Basketball NBA playoffs Schedule SECOND ROUND Bestof5 Mondays results Indiana Philadelphia Indiana leads series 1 0 San Antonio Lakers San Antonio leads series 10 Todays games New York at 7 Portland at Wednesdays games Philadelphia at 6 Lakers at San NBA playoff boxscores Pacers 76ers 90 PHILADELPHIA Lynch 38 02 Ratliff 34 00 Geiger 69 44 Iverson 1326 89 Snow 413 22 Hill 26 16 Grant 00 00 Hughes 511 00 Mahom 12 00 Honeycutt 00 00 Totals 3779 1523 INDIANA Mullin 05 12 34 12 Smits 616 00 Miller 510 77 Jackson 5B 22 36 25 Best 01 22 Rose 916 910 McKey 03 2 2 Perkins 13 00 Totals 3272 2632 26 20 24 90 Indiana 31 24 2094 3Polnt Goals Philadelphia 19 Iverson Snow Hughes Indiana 412 Jackson Miller Perkins Rose Mullin Fouled out Rebounds Philadelphia 51 Geiger Indiana 45 Assists Philadelphia 17 Snow Indiana 14 Jackson Total fouls Philadelphia Indiana Technicals Philadelphia Delay Of Spurs Lakers 81 LAKERS Rice 817 44 Reid 14 12 ONeal 619 914 Bryant 817 56 Fisher 610 00 Harper 01 00 Fox 05 00 Rooks 13 00 Horry 03 00 Totals SAN ANTONIO Elliott 39 45 Duncan11 2434 25 Robinson 3 7 914 i16vElier26 47 Johnson Perdue 36 00 Jackson 25 00 Daniels 11 00 Kersey 15 00 Rose 00 00 Totals 3174 2234 Lakers 17 17 23 81 San 27 20 20 87 3Polnt Goals Lakers 29 Rice Fisher Horry Bryant Fox San Antonio 37 Jackson Kersey Elliott Fouled out Rebounds Lakers 50 ONeal San Antonio 61 Perdue Assists Lakers 13 Bryant San Antonio 18 Johnson Total fouls Lakers San Antonio Technicals Lakers coach Flagrant fouls Hockey Stanley Cup playoffs Schedule and results Second round Bestof7 Eastern Conference Toronto Pittsburgh Pittsburgh 0 Toronto Pittsburgh 2 Pittsburgh Toronto 3 Toronto Pittsburgh 2 OT Toronto Pitsburgh 1 Mondays result Toronto Pittsburgh 3 OT Toronto wins series 4 2 Boston Buffalo Boston Buffalo 2 Buffalo Boston 1 Buffalo Boston 2 Buffalo Boston 0 Sundays result louboutin for sale Boston Buffalo Buffalo leads series 32 Todays game Boston at Western Conference Colorado Detroit Detroit Colorado 2 OT Detroit Colorado 0 Colorado Detroit 3 Colorado Detroit 2 Sundays result Colorado Detroit Colorado leads series 32 Todays game Colorado at Louis Dallas Dallas Louis 0 Dallas Louis 4 OT Louis Dallas 2 OT Louis Dallas 2 OT Dallas Louis 1 Mondays result Dallas Louis 1 OT Dallas wins louboutin outlet series 42 NHL playoff summaries Maple Leafs Penguins 3 OT Toronto Pittsburgh 1 0 0 3 First Period Brown 2 Kovalev 5 Second Period Bohonos 3 Valk Berezin 5 Jagr 5 Third Period Overtime Valk 2 Shots on goal Toronto 81282 Pittsburgh 15940 Goalies Stars Blues 1 OT Dallas 0 1 1 2 St 1 0 0 1 First Period Second Period Maclnnis 4 Third Period Plante 1 Overtime Modano 4 Shots on goal Dallas 106101 Louis 71285 Goalies Tampa Bay 20 19 2Vi Toronto 19 21 4 Baltimore 13 24 8Vi Central Division W L GB Cleveland 27 10 Chicago 18 17 8 Kansas City 18 18 8 Detroit 16 21 replica louboutin 11 Minnesota 13 25 14V4 West Division W L GB Oakland 21 17 Texas 21 17 Anaheim 17 21 4 Seattle 17 21 4 Mondays results Boston Toronto 7 Cleveland Chicago 9 Tampa Bay Texas 3 Seattle Minnesota 5 Todays games New York Cone 41 at Boston Anaheim Finley 23 at Baltimore Mussina Detroit Thompson 44 at Toronto Hentgen Cleveland Gooden 10 at Chicago Baldwin Oakland Heredla 32 at Kansas City Appier Tampa Bay Arrojo 14 at christian louboutin spiked heels Texas Morgan Minnesota Perkins 02 at Seattle Fassero Wednesdays games Tampa Bay Witt 31 at Texas Clark New York Irabu 11 at Boston Rose Anaheim Ollvares 43 at Baltimore Erickson Detroit Moehler 33 at Toronto Wells Cleveland Nagy 33 at Chicago Parque Oakland Candiotti 24 at Kansas City Rosado 2 Minnesota Lincoln 1 6 at Seattle Garcia National League East Division W L Pet GB Atlanta 23 14 Philadelphia 21 16 2 New York 21 17 2Vi Florida 11 27 Montreal 10 26 12Vi Central Division W L Pet GB Houston 23 13 St LoulS 19 17 4 Chicago 18 17 4 Pittsburgh 19 18 4 Cincinnati 17 18 5Vi Milwaukee 17 19 6 West Division W L Pet GB Arizona 22 17 San Francisco 22 17 Los Angeles 20 17 1 Colorado 15 19 4Vi San Diego 15 21 5 Mondays results Philadelphia Montreal 3 Chicago Florida 1 Atlanta Pittsburgh 1 Milwaukee New York 6 Cincinnati Colorado 2 Arizona San Francisco 1 Todays games Philadelphia Bennett 10 at Montreal Batista Chicago Mulholland 21 at Florida APemandez Milwaukee Eldred 12 at New York Reed Pittsburgh Schmidt 42 at Atlanta Cincinnati Bere 20 at Colorado Brownson Louis Oliver 22 at San Diego Clement Arizona Reynoso 11 at San Houston Lima 61 at Los Angeles Wednesdays games Pittsburgh Benson 22 at Atlanta Glavine Cincinnati Neagle 03 at Colorado Bohanon Arizona 24 at San Francisco Rueler Chicago Florida Sanchez Philadelphia Ogea 23 at Montreal Hermanson Milwaukee Roque 04 at New York Yoshii Houston Reynolds 62 at Los Angeles Brown Louis Jimenez 24 at San Diego Ashby Major league boxscore National League Reds Rockies 2 CINCINNATI COLORADO ab r h bl ab r h bl Cmeron cf 5010 DHIton cf 4000 Larkin ss 4211 LHarrs 2b 4000 Casey 1b 5122 LWalkr rf 4121 GVghn If 4112 Bchette If 4110 Hmnds If louboutin sale 1000 Castilla 3b 2011 DYung rf 3000 Helton 1b 4000 Tucker rf 1000 NPerez ss 4000 MLewis 3b 3110 Blnco c 2010 Tbnsee c 4110 BMJns p 1010 Reese 2b 4130 KAbbtt ph 1000 Hmlsch p 4000 Dipoto p 0000 Reyes p 0000 DeJean p 0000 Echvrr ph 1000 Lskanic p 0000 Mclroy p 0000 Totals 38 710 5 Totals 31 2 6 2 Cincinnati 210 002 7 100 E Castilla DP Cincinnati Colorado LOB Cincinnati Colorado 2B Casey Reese Castilla 3B Bichette HR Casey GVaughn LWalker SB Tucker 2 SF IP H RER BB SO Cincinnati Harnisch 8 62222 Reyes 00002 Colorado BMJones 5 55323 Dipoto 2 20002 DeJean 1 00003 Leskanic 22202 Mcelroy Vi 10000 WP PB Umpires Runge Meals Darling T Track Field Baseball Major league standings American League Eut Division W L Pet GB New York 21 15 Boston 21 16 Vi Prep league meets WKLL at Tribune Boys team scores Greeley Brewster Healy Bird CityCheylin Wallace Springs Weskan WinonaTriplains Jennings Grinnell RexfordGolden Plains Utica Girls team scores Sharon Springs Tribune Cheylin Triplains Brewsler Golden Plains Grinnell Weskan Healy Jennings Utica Boys Individual results Shot put 478 467 Sharon 464 Vi 461 A Discus 1497 1429 1428 1389 1334 Sharon Javelin 1601 1533 Sharon 1401 1317 1311 vault 106 106 Sharon 100 96 High 510 510 510 510 58 Long Jump 204 Vi Golden 19 4Vi 193 1890W 181 Triple jump 425Vi Golden 399 Vi 39 4Vi 394 385 Vi 100 dash Golden 110 hurdles relay run Sharon Golden 400 relay Golden 400 dash Sharon Ulica 300 hurdles 800 run 200 dash Sharon run Sharon relay Girls Individual results Triple jump 3411A 332 Vi Sharon 32 324 Sharon 3011V4 Golden 29 High Jump 54 Sharon 50 lie Golden 410 Sharon Discus 10011 940 Sharon 835 8110 Sharon 815 Shot put 343 334 Sharon 2911 Javelin 12410 1061 Sharon 1000 947 935 Pole vault Sharon 910 Sharon 79 Long Jump 174 1610 1410V4 Golden run Sharon Golden Golden 100 hurdles Sharon Goldan 800 relay Golden Sharon 100 dash run Sharon 400 relay Sharon Golden 400 dash Sharon Sharon 300 hurdles Sharon 800 run Sharon Golden 200 dash Golden Sharon relay Sharon Colby Invitational at May 7 Boys team scores Liberal Oakley Colby Goodland Leoli Perryton Girls team scores Liberal Oakley Colby Goodland Leoti Perryton Area boys Individual results Long jump 202 196A Pole vault 100 Discus 15311V4 1391 Vi Shot put 497 467 High Jump 62 62 Triple Jump 414 372 Javelin 1776 1768 110 hurdles 300 hurdles 100 dash 200 dash 400 dash 800 run run run 400 relay relay relay Area girls Individual results High jump 50 Shot put 339 311 Discus 947 928Vi 924 901 Javelin 1068 963 Long Jump 159 Triple Jump 31 6 306 285 red bottom shoes 100 hurdles 300 hurdles 100 dash 200 dash 400 dash 800 run run run Hubert 400 relay 4 relay 2 relay Brewster Invitational at May 10 Boys team scores Greeley Brewster Healy WinonaTriplains Sharon Springs Grainlield Wheatland Jennings Weskan Bird City Cheylln Herndon Grinnell Ulica Golden Plains Girls team scores Sharon Springs Triplains Cheylin Brewster Golden Plains Weskan Tribune Healy Grinnell Wheatland Jennings Ulica Hemdon Boys Individual results Triple lump 4011V 409 3911Vi 390 382 Vi Sharon Shot put 497 Sharon 461 462 460 V4 Sharon 449 Discus 1499 1374 Sharon 1350 1345 1314 High jump 62 510 510 510 510 Javelin 1409 1403 Sharon 1355 13310 1337 Pole vault tie 106 106 100 Sharon 96 Sharon 90 Sharon Long jump 2011 tie 196 196 195Vi 100 dash 110 hurdles run Sharon relay Sharon 400 relay Golden 400 Sharon 200 dash Sharon 300 hurdles 800 run run Golden relay Girls Individual results High jump Sharon 52 Sharon 50 410 Golden 48 Pole vault Sharon 96 tie Sharon 70 70 Golden Long jump 179 174Vi 166 1511 159 Shot put 3211 A Sharon Discus 11311 Sharon 887 7910 770 755 Golden Javelin 1270 1140 1099 Sharon 974 951 Triple jump 351 Sharon 316 Sharon 311 100 hurdles Sharon Golden 800 relay Golden Sharon 100 dash Golden run Sharon 400 dash Sharon Sharon 400 relay Sharon Golden 300 hurdles 800 run Sharon Golden 200 dash Sharon run Sharon Golden Golden relay Sharon Local Results Junior varsity baseball Game 1 Hays High Liberal 3 300 0 382 Hays High 030 x 4 5 2 Scott and Cook Sturdy and W Sturdy 3 L HR Hays Game 2 Hays High Liberal S Innings 00 012 Hays High 5x 7 1 Clanton and Cook Rupp and W Rupp 3 L 2B Kohlash Hays HR Hays Golf Prep regional results Class 5A at Liberal Course Willow Tree Golf Team scores Top three qualify for state Buhler Salina Central Hays High Great Bend Salina South Goddard McPherson Liberal Individual medalists Top 10 qualify for state David Salina 74 Matt Salina 74 Jesse 74 Tyler 76 Adam Salina Central 77 Tyler Salina 78 Dusty 78 Jake Great 78 Andy Hays 78 Ryan Won Team qualflers Buhler Jesse Schulte Tyler Cummins Dusty Gann Ryan louboutin shoes for sale Hall Bob Cornell Mike Rayl Salina Central Adam Lebahn Tyler Alt Jamie Barnetl Sieve Wilson Ryan Lunnin Johnson Hays High Andy Culright Ryan Herrman Mall Jacobs Kevin Koenlngsman Marcus Watts Jeremy Hendrickson Class 4A at Lamed Course Lamed Country Team scores Top two qualify for state Lamed Ulysses Pratt Colby Goodland Nlckerson Hugolon Scott City Russell Individual medalists Top seven qualify for state Hunter 72 Tyson 76 Wes Ulysses 77 Rob 77 Tron 78 Jason 78 Duslln qualflers Larned Tyson Keast Bryan VonFeldt Dan Sertlg Bryce Keast Nat Collins Ulysses Hunter Krele Wes Wooldridge Justin Stopper Heath Mlreles Conover Josh Ibarra Class 3A at Belleville Course Republican County Golf Team scores Top 2 qualify for state Thomas More PrepMarian Smith Center Phllllpsburg Belleville Norton Belolt Minneapolis Ellsworth Individual medalists Top 7 qualify for state Kurt 73 Shaun Welch Brett 76 Kelly 76 Matt TMP 78 Smith 79 tie Steele Smith Center 80 Matt Smith 80 Team qualflers TMP Brett Aten Matt Brungardt Soil Justin Vanek Ryan Jacobs John Dechant Smith Center Ballhorst Steele Zleriein Matt Davidson Gage Zierleln Cameron Conant Shawn Phelps Phllllpsburg Kelly Hoover Justin Ryan Scott Schremmer Ryan Cunningham Jared Shelton Jordan King Other area results Norton Shaun Smiley Ryan Roberts Patrick Goheen Bud Stelnmetz Will Bums Ellcla Wicker Class 3A at Lakln Course Loucks Park Golf Team scores Top two qualify for state Lakln Elkhart KismetSouthwestern Heights Oberlln Cimarron Oakley Holcomb WaKeeneyTrego Individual medalists Top seven qualify for state James 81 Tommy 85 86 Rusty 86 Jerry KismetSouthwestern Heights Grant 88 tie Adam 89 Jed Team qualifiers Perez Mike McCormlck Jed DeVaughn Craig Wanklyn Curtis Ansel Derek Ramos Elkhart James Jenkins Joey Boone Jace Coen Nathan Graybill Ethan Harder Jones Other area results Those available Oberlln Grant Vollertsen Tanner Lincoln Tyle Woolsey Nathan Carr Byron McFee Rusty Grafel Oakley Schwarz Travis Glassman Jarrod Fink David Poe Derek Teeter Seth Ruder 21A at Course Ellis Country Team scores Top two qualify for state Hoxie Hill City Plainville Ness City Stockton Ellis AlmenaNorthem Valley Quinter Grinnell Morland no team Individual medalists Top seven qualify for state JaH 77 Travis 80 Tyler 82 Ashley Northern 82 Cole 82 Charlie 82 Will Ness Team qualifiers Hoxie Travis Schaffer Cole Nondorf Eric Gasper Taylor Williamson Russell Karnes Nathan Mauck HIM City Justin Keith Jason Seeger Brent Appelhans Eric Nickelson Fred Meis Joey White Other area results Ellis Tyler Fisher Sam Shubert Jared 101 Travis Keller Nick Keller Grinnell Dlckman Josh DOTylerTh6lan Shelby Bamett Morland David Atkins Robbie Ellis Ness Will Caskey Eric Sloeckleln Alexis Nichepor John Booze Duslin Myers Chris Stucky Northern Valley Ashley Hammond Garry Lowry Chase Hammond Joel Laurin Jake Donaldson Was Dubols Plainville Jeff Hrabe Shawn Frederking Jeff Morris Byron Knight Adam Glendening Mark Stamper Quinter Ryan Cooksey Kyle Metcalf McCay Tuttle Heath Ostmeyer Kurt Herzog Lynn Koehn Stockton Bryant Mulr Charlie Hageman Chad Look Jesse Stithem Blake Maddy Tracy Clkanek Class 21A at Leoti Course Wichita County Municipal Golf Team scores Top two qualify for state JohnsonStanton County Syracuse Atwood Sublette Leoti Meade TribuneGreeley County RexfordGolden Plains MontezumaSouth Gray Sharon Springs no team Individual medalists Top seven qualify for state Stanton 78 Stanton 80 81 82 Staonton 83 83 Team qualflers Not provided by site manager Other area results Golden Plains Jared Dlble Josh Miller Chris Basgall Tyler Richardson Ryan Moss Austin Spresser Class 21A at Washington Course Cedar Hills Golf Team scores Top three qualify Osbome Washington SalinaSacred Heart Cenlralia Blue RapidsValley Heights Hanover Kensington Individual medalists Top 10 qualify for state Nate 80 Tyler 82 tie Allen 83 Mikeal Sacred 83 Nate 85 tie Justin 87 Brian Team qualifiers Osborne Nate Bihlmaler Tyler Conway Joren Radel Ryan Vandament Allan Herrman Brian Wilson Washington Allen Dean Nate Chapln Willie Dean Dan Uhlrich David Potts Andrew Wright Sacred Heart Mikeal Knlpp Andy Roemer Ryan Hellmer Ross Stottmann Mark Newell Shawn Frank Other area results Kensington Joe Levin Craig Grauerholz SkylarTuhom Dan Kuhlman Sand Greens at La Crosse Course La Crosse Counlry Team scores Top three qualify for state La Crosse Dighton Bird CllyCheylln Individual medalists Top 10 qualify for state Jeff La 72 Jarred Dighton 73 Billy Chase 73 Mike La Brian La 75 Garret La 75 Robbie 76 Danny 79 Patt La 79 Derik Team qualifiers La Crosse Jeff Stephens Mike Felder Brian Stevens Garrelt Basgall Pat Baalman Dustin Ensllnger Dighton Jarred Lewis Danny Bevar Will Stanley Derek Schaffer Aaron Spear Wade Martin Cheylin Robbie Hawkins Nate Meyer Bret Henderson Michael Howard Robert Snyder Adam Powell Sand Greens at Mankato Course Mankato Country Team scores Top three qualify for state Downs Mankato Cawker CityWaconda East Individual medalists Top 10 quality for state Jarad 72 Nathan 73 Seth 74 Vic 75 Jon 77 Adam 78 Craig 79 Matt 80 Cody 80 Scott 81 Team qualflers Downs Jared Schmltt Vic Doane Seth Stevens Nathan Foster Matt Long Craig Doane Mankato Adam Freeman David Glllett Scott Miller Jeremiah Webb Brandon Hurd Adam Harris Waconda East Josh Schaefli Luke Thompson Travis Mick Jason Carr Jake Wise Kenneth Bader Tennis Prep regional results Class 5A at Salina Central Team results Salina Central McPherson Newton Salina South Great Bend Hays High Singles First place Pete Salina Ryan Third place Jon Andy Salina Doubles First place Ben HoffmanJeff Salina Brett TaylorJacob Salina 6 Third place Josh HavensDerek Josh EkholmDominlk Class 4A at Abilene Team results Concordla Smoky Valley Abilene Hesston Marysville Clay Center Wamego Chapman Russell Singles First place Kellen Bombardier Brentln Third place Greg Mansfield Mlcah Smoky Doubles First place louboutin outlet David DuncanDavid Ryan BlegertJason Third place Mlkkey GusenlusJohn Smoky Josh HelmAndy Class 4A at Larned Team results Colby Pratt Nlckerson Goodland Chaparral Klngman Lamed Ulysses Scott City Singles First place Travis Scott Third place Luke Matt Doubles First place Marshall ClaycampBrian Craig JuenemannGary 6 Third place Jim GriffithMatt Matt EngellandTrent Class 321A at Cimarron Team results Cimarron Haviland KiowaSouth Barber Greensburg Meade KismetSouthwestern Heights Singles First place Julien Casey Third place Ryan Jared Doubles First place Aaron ThomasBrock Cole BallardRoyce Third place Jeff StoeckleinPhilllp Ness Jared LeikerJacob Class 321A at Hoisington Team results Elllnwood Claflln Ellsworth Hoisington Osbome WaKeeneyTrego BushtonQulvlra Heights Singles First place Clint Cory Third place Scott Javier Doubles First place Brad BlrzerJosh Kip ConnellJeremy Third place Craig SchartzClaylon Clint AllmanThomas 6 TV Calendar Today ESPN NHL Hockey conference semifi game Colorado at Detroit ESPN2 NHL Hockey conference semifi game Boston at Buffalo TBS Major League Pittsburgh at Atlanta TNT NBA New York replica louboutin at Atlanta TNT NBA Portland at Utah Wednesday TNT NBA Philadelphia at Indiana ESPN Major League teams TBA TNT NBA Lakers at San Antonio ESPN Major League teams TBA GOLF Hoxie wins CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7 Ness Citys Will Caskey shot an 83 for seventh as the final individual state Hoxie won the team title to qualify for its second straight state The Indians shot a using an 84 by Eric Gasper and an 87 by Taylor Thats something theyve done pretty much all year Hoxie coach Anita Beckman Weve had someone score low when we need ed them We have the top three that always seem to but the other three have always stepped in and done a good Russell Karnes played through flu like symptoms to shoot an Mowed by Nathan Mauck with a I didnt know Karnes was feeling that bad until after the first nine he told me if it wasnt he would have quit Beckman Hill City made its first tournament in four years with a winning a tight race for Justin Keith shot an Mowed by Jason Seeger at Brent Appelhans at Eric Nickelson at Fred Meis at 97 and Joey White at Theyve golfed well and come Hill City coach Galen Wildeman We had a freshman Appelhans who shot a 47 first round and came back with a 39 second and that helped us tremendous Then the other three were just real ly and thats what helps you do well in these types of Other team scores were Plainville louboutin outlet Ness City Stockton Ellis Northern Valley Quinter Grinnell Morland also had two golfers at the 1´╗┐Hayward puts on show for RapsGordon Hayward almost made that impossible shot, a Doug Flutie like Hail Mary to win the NCAA basketball championship last month in IndianapolisDuring an August 1976 meeting to finalize the merger, Schupak gathered for a long day in a stifling, Manhattan room with representatives of the surviving ABA teams and NBA lawyers And J Rich did not mess around”The impacts would have been just too great,” he said in a statement If they are to really change the dynamics of their division, they will have to get some good outside shooters who can hit consistently, and a couple christian louboutin knockoffs of big, aggressive rebounders to help them with ball possessionBut while there was a celebratory feel in the statements from those involved in the sale, as well as city and county officials, there was also caution that a few significant hurdles remain In the news each day is how somebody go hit by a driver and killed and we are talking about cyclist

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